My Story

The Truth.


Ok so I know I own an Art Studio..but the truth is I have no idea how to paint or draw. I mean no clue...I took an Art Class in High School but let's be honest..I had other reasons for taking that class. I walked up on this today and found myself sitting down in front of it and thinking about the things that I haven't really tried. I mean I haven't REALLY sat down and picked up a paint brush..EVER. I want to start something new..I know that sounds crazy if you know who I am but the truth is I am always looking..always. I don't want to regret..I don't want to look back and say..well you were just to afraid to fail. Nope. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. It's funny how when you look at things that cause you to think of regret..of not doing something..YOU JUMP OFF A CLIFF into something new. Some things are just too beautiful and precious to miss..

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 2.54.33 PM.png