My Story



I love walking..I mean I love everything about it..but there is a new player in my world :) BIRD. Now lets start this conversation with the statement that I am a fan of convenience because my variable during the day is time. You can't get it back. As a photographer you can only cover so much ground ..until now. Bird is into selling you time through your day in a city setting because they have these bad boys all over the place. They are electric stand scooters that are fast! You tap the top with your watch and go..when you stop you leave it where you are for someone else to have next. DONE. You can cover the entire city in one day with this..ONE DAY. This is better than Uber if you are in a setting where you don't have to go 15 to 20 miles. Also, its fun because people try to race you along the ya hahah

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