My Story

This is OUR City.


I am so tired of turning on the news....the truth is I quit doing that a long time ago. Memphis is known for crime and that is what sells ads in papers and on TV. So in order for you to complain about something you also have to put one foot in front of the other and go try to change it. It starts with someone saying this is our home and we are tired of it. I am going to start something new called "This is Our City" and start storytelling the amazing things that are going on that we never hear about because it starts with us. I truly believe that one photo can change the way that we react and that means you can change someone's mind...that is powerful..but it starts with us. 

The other day I was on my way to Arlington and found myself at a stop light. There was a group washing cars for donations. Normally when you see this you see a group sitting down and not doing much but I noticed something rare..I looked around at the cars to see their was priceless. People were laughing, playing music, etc. I looked over and there was a mom with her kids and I literally watched her face turn from desperation to hope..from just a group trying to raise money. To many this might be a small thing..but it's MASSIVE. When you can do that..with one person..what else can this great city do????

It's Monday. Bring on 5 miles. BRING IT. 

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